Custom Publishing

Star Bright Books can help your program grow! We can create customized books for you and your organization in a variety of ways:

• Personalize an existing book. Add your company logo or a special message to one of our books as a gift or as part of a literacy program.

• Add a new language or format. We can publish our books in a new language or specialized format for a minimum order quantity.

Let us help you produce a book that perfectly suits your organization’s needs. Please contact us at or (617) 354-1300 to learn more about our customization program.

My Face Book was translated into Hebrew and published in a larger format for PJ Library’s early childhood book program.

The Friends of the Dallas Public Library had a special edition of Read to Me created for their Books for Dallas Babies program. Pages of parental tips, a message from the organization to parents, and the FODPL logo were added to create a unique book.

Several Star Bright Books titles were published as Navajo/English bilingual editions for a national literacy program as part of an initiative to provide books to Native American families.

Hip, Hop is a favorite of Raising Readers for promoting early literacy and has been printed with their logo on the back