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The 2020 presidential election is fast approaching! Kids follow the example set by their parents and guardians, and voting is a great way to teach critical thinking, self-advocacy, and civic engagement. Whether you’re planning to vote absentee, mail-in, early, or in-person on November 3, Star Bright Books has compiled a comprehensive list of websites that can answer common questions on everything from registering to filling out a ballot. We have also included several social justice resources on combating voter harassment and ensuring your voting rights are recognized.


Young Tansy helps Big Mama cast her vote in The Big Day (release date: October 30). Illustration by Robert Casilla.


Massachusetts Voting Resources

Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Register to vote as a Massachusetts resident. Offered in English and Spanish.


Vote 411

Information on voting in Massachusetts, from early voting to mail-in ballots.


General Voting Resources

Common Cause

Register to vote, check registration status, request an absentee ballot, track a ballot, find local election offices, determine voter eligibility, research state-specific voting laws, and receive election reminders.


Let America Vote

State-specific information on voting legislation and nationwide rating of voter-friendliness in each state.


Rock the Vote

Answers to common questions on voting, from state-by-state residency requirements to accessibility resources for voters with disabilities.

State-by-state policies on absentee voting.


The Society for Human Resource Management

General information on candidates and candidate positions on workplace policy, safety tips for voting during a pandemic, a podcast on the importance of voting, and a state-by-state listing of House and Senate representatives.


Spread the Vote

Get assistance acquiring an ID, a requirement to vote.


U.S. Department of Defense

Information for military, expatriate U.S. citizens, and their families on how to register and vote while living abroad.


U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Master list of resources and updates on state and nationwide voting policies in the age of COVID-19. Offered in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.


When We All Vote

State-by-state list of voting deadlines.

FAQs on the mail-in voting process.


Ethnic/Racial Justice Organizations and Voting Information

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Resources for Asian Americans on general, language, and citizenship voting rights.


Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies

FAQs for Asian Pacific Americans on voting deadlines, absentee and mail-in voting, registration processes, and other resources.


Black Folk Must Vote

Resources and information for Black Americans on how to register, voter deadlines, and required ballot information.

Nationwide information and resources for Black Americans on voter registration, rights, and candidates.


Muslims Vote 2020

Resources and information for Muslim-Americans on how to register, requesting an absentee ballot, early voting, voting locations, and ways to start or join grassroots Muslim organizations.


The Native American Voting Rights Coalition

Resources for Native Americans on voting issues and rights, including what to do if voting rights are violated.


Voto Latino

Information and resources for Latinx people on how to vote, why it matters, voting deadlines, and candidates.


Disability Justice Organizations and Voting Information

Administration for Community Living

Information on federal laws and departments as well as local agencies dedicated to ensuring accessibility for voters with disabilities.


American Association of People with Disabilities

Resources on accommodations legally required to be provided for disabled voters and voting rights.


National Federation of the Blind

Master list of resources for blind Americans on voter accessibility rights when registering and during the voting process.


U.S. Election Assistance Commission

Various resources including a Braille “Your Federal Voting Rights” card and fact sheet.

List of ADA and ABA requirements to accommodate disabled voters.


LGBTQ+ Justice Organizations and Voting Information

Lambda Legal

FAQs for transgender, gender non-conforming, and nonbinary voters on how to register, what to bring, what to do if homeless, what to do if formerly incarcerated, updating IDs, how to report voter harassment, and other resources.


National Center for Transgender Equality

Resources for transgender people on voter rights and how to navigate issues with identification.


TRANSform the Vote

Resources on what to bring to a polling site and how to report harassment while voting.


Reporting Election Problems or Questions

American Civil Liberties Union

Information on voter suppression and how to fight it on a national and statewide level.


Election Protection Hotline

Arabic: 1-844-YALLA-US (1-844-925-5287)

English: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

Spanish: 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (1-888-839-8682)

Bengali/Cantonese/Hindi/Korean/Mandarin/Tagalog/Urdu/Vietnamese: 1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683)


When We All Vote

Resources for voting rights, requirements, and how to report voter suppression. Additional information for current or formerly incarcerated citizens on voting rights.

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