Supporting the Black Community through Black Owned Businesses

Part of anti-racist work is being conscious about our spending. While it is important to purchase books and consume media by Black authors, it also important to support Black owned bookstores, publishing companies, and community projects as they are the organizations advocating for these authors.  In accordance with this, we at Star Bright Books have compiled a list of five Black owned businesses, local to the Boston, MA area, as well as five Black owned publishing companies nationwide.  We hope that these lists provide you with options and inspiration moving forward with anti-racist work and conscious support.


Black Owned Local (Boston Area) Businesses

Frugal Bookstore

Black owned bookstore in Boston, MA


Print Aint Dead

Queer and Black owned bookstore/publishing initiative in Boston, MA


Susie’s Stories

Black owned bookstore in Rockport, MA


Studio 24 Graphix & Printing

Black owned print shop in Boston, MA


College Application Education Project

Black owned education company in Lynn, MA


Black Owned Publishing Companies (Nationwide)

Africa World Press and The Red Sea Press

Aims to provide high quality literature pertaining to the culture, history, and politics of Africa and the African Diaspora.


Black Classic Press

Publishes obscure but significant works about people of African descent. Republishes works that are out of print and out of memory.


Broadside Lotus Press

A nonprofit whose mission includes community engagement and publication.


Redbone Press

Publishes work celebrating the Black LGBT+ community.


Third World Press

Publishes literature related to the African American public. 

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