Free digital access

Star Bright Books understands the challenges of distance learning. To help support teachers, educators, librarians, parents, and caregivers, we are permitting FREE digital access to 4 picture books (3 English, 1 Spanish) each week! Titles will be rotated on a weekly basis and cannot be downloaded, printed, or redistributed.

Below are this week’s books. Tag us on Twitter (@StarBrightBooks) to let us know if you like them!

Woolly the Wide Awake Sheep

Read-aloud by the author!

Poor little Woolly! He just can’t fall asleep. Wide awake yet again, when he asks his barnyard friends how they lull themselves to sleep, they all say they count sheep! 

Ceri & Deri: Time for Clocks

Ceri the cat and Deri the dog are best friends. When Deri is late to meet up with Ceri, they ponder how to prevent this from happening again. This playful story helps young children understand time concepts.

Trosclair and the Alligator

Trosclair rows to Bee Island to confront Gargantua, the giant alligator. Using his wits and a beehive, Trosclair rids the swamp of Gargantua for good.

Jake’s Concert Horror

When Jake gets the lead in the school play, he is horrified to learn he has to kiss a girl in front of hundreds of people! What can Jake do to avoid this horror?

Have You Fed the Cat? Spanish/English

When Sam was a kitten, everyone loved playing with him. But now everyone seems too busy to spend time with him until a problem arises.