Free digital access

Star Bright Books understands the challenges of distance learning. To help support teachers, educators, librarians, parents, and caregivers, we are permitting FREE digital access to 4 picture books (3 English, 1 Spanish) each week! Titles will be rotated on a weekly basis and cannot be downloaded, printed, or redistributed.

Below are this week’s books. Tag us on Twitter (@StarBrightBooks) to let us know if you like them!

Trosclair and the Alligator


Trosclair rows to Bee Island to confront Gargantua, the giant alligator. Using his wits and a beehive, Trosclair rids the swamp of Gargantua for good.


Grandma Is a Slowpoke

Walking with Grandma is fun, but she stops too often. As the little girl discovers the joy of observing nature, someone else might be the slowpoke . . .

Jake’s Balloon Blast

Jake has always wanted to fly. It’s just a matter of how. Together with his best friend Jonah, Jake comes up with a plan to get himself off the ground—with some unexpected results!

Words Are Like Faces

Edith Baer’s classic poem is a celebration of the power of words. With a gentle voice, it encourages children to use words kindly and wisely . . . “for they can’t be unsaid.”

Banana for Two (Hindi/English)

Mama and toddler’s shopping trip turns into a fun opportunity to talk and learn a little math, especially the concept of one and two.