Free digital access

Star Bright Books understands the challenges of distance learning. To help support teachers, educators, librarians, parents, and caregivers, we are permitting FREE digital access to 4 picture books (3 English, 1 Spanish) each week! Titles will be rotated on a weekly basis and cannot be downloaded, printed, or redistributed.

Below are this week’s books. Tag us on Twitter (@StarBrightBooks) to let us know if you like them!

Trosclair and the Alligator


Trosclair rows to Bee Island to confront Gargantua, the giant alligator. Using his wits and a beehive, Trosclair rids the swamp of Gargantua for good.


The Big Day 

All morning Big Mama tells young Tansy, “It’s a big day!” But what’s so special about this day? Tansy soon learns the importance: the right to vote! 

Daddy’s Busy Day

Daddy stays home with his toddler, and they do everything together–they do the laundry, they dance and read, and they race to the park! Everything is fun with Daddy. 

Papa Gave Me a Stick

All Antonio wants is a mariachi guitar. Perhaps, with a little imagination, he might just get his wish.

A Fish to Feed (Spanish/English)

A toddler and Daddy go shopping for a pet fish. Along the way, they see other fish too­–toy fish, fish on a T-shirt, and have fun talking about them together!