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Jill Lauren has been teaching children and adults with learning disabilities for almost 30 years. Known as an expert in the area of reading and writing, Jill has trained teachers around the country, and has also worked with schools to implement successful reading programs. With the help of her book, Succeeding with LD, she speaks to children and adults about the important lessons learned from success stories. Jill also presents advocacy workshops with one of her former students, who graduated with a Masters from Columbia despite being told that she should not attend college due to her LD. Jill's latest book, That's Like Me!, received the Margot Marek award from the New York Branch of the International Dyslexia Association for the "most outstanding book written for children or adults about dyslexia or related learning disabilities." Jill currently conducts a private practice for learning disabled students in New York City. She enjoys meeting people who have found ways to feel proud and happy in spite of their struggles in school. VISIT Jill Lauren's website here.