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Deborah Bruss lives in central New Hampshire with her husband and a black-and-white dog that has no stripes. Fortunately, her dog is smart enough to avoid the only black-and-white-striped animals— skunks—that wander through the yard. She had so much fun writing her most recent book, Where Is Little Stripe’s Daddy?
The author of the acclaimed Book! Book! Book!, Deborah brings her backpack full of noisy puppets to her readings. To entertain the young children at her Big Box for Ben readings, she brings lots of boxes. She also loves researching and writing about influential women in American history for middle grade level readers.
When not writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, watching the antics of birds and squirrels, and hanging out with her family at her son’s farm.
Deborah walked with crutches for most of her life, but now enjoys the freedom and ease of zipping around on her heavy-duty scooter, keeping up with her six grandchildren.